Goodbye Seoul

"Goodbye Seoul" unveils a narrative-driven puzzle adventure that highlights the quest for hope through courage and bonds in a crumbling city. 

As the world approaches its end in six months, join Rion to uncover the truth behind a secret project within the abandoned shadows of Seoul.

Developer: JINO Games

Publisher: NEOWIZ

Platforms: Steam

Release Date: TBA


In the face of an impending asteroid collision, Seoul transforms completely. Our protagonist, Rion, ventures into the unknown, tracing the steps of a covert operation intended for space evacuation.

"Goodbye Seoul" is a puzzle-platformer adventure game set in a perilous Seoul. Players solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and unfold a captivating story amid the city's ruins.

Rion's journey takes her through the remains of Seoul in search of clues regarding this secretive project. This collapsed city is fraught with peril, from the rubble to the rogues and the remnants of rebellion eyeing Rion with hostile intent. She must overcome these diverse obstacles and threats to find the clues pointing toward mankind's last beacon of hope—the secret project.

The Ruins of Seoul

With only six months left until an asteroid endangers Earth, once vibrant Seoul has morphed into a violent, lawless place. 

Join Rion in navigating Seoul, rendered in unique 2.5D pixel art graphics, to search for hidden clues.

Unveiling the Truth

As Seoul teeters on the brink of despair under the shadow of an asteroid threat, Rion faces the truth behind the secret space evacuation project. 

Explore the ruins of the once lively city on a quest for hope's last remnants, driven by courage and bonds in a city that's fallen apart.

Intricate Puzzles and Creative Platforming

In a Seoul rendered dysfunctional, danger lurks around every corner.

Use all available means to navigate the obstacles laid before you.

Direct confrontation isn't always necessary. 

Strategically use the environment to hide, divert attention, or even subdue enemies. 

Outwit dangerous situations both wisely and stealthily.

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