Heroes Wanted

Embark on a journey with 'Heroes Wanted', a unique deck-building roguelike that combines simplicity with strategic depth. Crafted with innovative mechanics and engaging rules, it's a must-try for genre enthusiasts. Ready to explore and conquer?

Developer: Gameplete

Publisher: NEOWIZ

Platforms: Steam

Early Access : 16 Nov, 2023


'Heroes Wanted' is more than just a deck-building roguelike; it is a game that offers a completely different experience in card combinations and strategy.

The core of this game lies in the unique card combination mechanism. Each card is designated one of the three elements: Fire, Water, and Earth. Create combinations of these elements to unleash powerful synergy effects.
If the elements of the cards are all identical or all different, synergy effect activates and greatly enhances card abilities.

The strategic complexity is further heightened by the combination of each card's skills. This allows players to experiment freely with various combinations and formulate optimal strategies for different situations.
This system transcends mere card-matching, but constantly demands deep strategic thinking.

'Heroes Wanted' also introduces an innovative system of blocking enemy attacks.
Cards not only stack defense, but also directly intercept enemy attacks on behalf of the player.
Adding a new layer to the traditional defense mechanisms, players must plan strategically both defense and attack.
Of course, 'Heroes Wanted' also incorporates shield elements akin to traditional defense systems. This offers players a wide range of defense strategies.

Along with the unique gameplay elements, 'Heroes Wanted' offers a new and engaging experience for strategists.

Play 'Heroes Wanted' now to explore the boundless card combinations and delve in the depths of strategy!

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